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Our Story

In a little known village; Ogongo, that borders Ruri national park, right at the heart of Homabay County is where it all begun. While harvesting nuts at her grandma’s farm, right at the slopes of Ruri hills, Easter had a light bulb moment where it became apparent that the nuts she was harvesting could actually earn more value if turned into nut butters, and that is exactly what she did. Eastnat Limited was born.

Easter, the founder of Eastnat, has always had a passion for health and wellness, as such, even in her 20s, she was very conscious about her health. Her passion for wellness was fueled by the fact that she struggled with keeping a healthy weight, and at one point, was also pre-diabetic and hypertensive, not forgetting the lethargy, brain fog, and constant mood swings that came as a result of the weight.

Realising that food was right at the center of health and well-being, Easter embarked on a journey towards improving her life. As such, besides making Peanut butter, Easter’s journey to wellness led to the discovery of a wide range of superfoods that would potentially improve the quality of her life.

For instance, when her blood pressure was threatening to become too high at the age of 26, instead of popping pills, she resorted to using Hibiscus flowers which naturally lowers blood pressure. She also resorted to substituting table salt with pink Himalayan Salt which is much lower in sodium, effectively helping keep blood pressure low.

As a woman of reproductive age, Easter suffered period dysmenorrhoea (painful periods) as well as other PMS symptoms such as depressive moods, water retention, painful ovulation, indigestion, nausea, hormonal acne and hormonal migraines before and during every menstrual period. This occurrence had been normalised for ages, and most, if not all women believed that the pain and discomfort felt around menstruation was just normal. It thus came as a surprise when she discovered the relationship between food and hormonal balance and the potential food had at completely healing the pain and anguish that resided in her womb.

Eastnat is thus an expression of Easter’s lifestyle and journey towards wellness. Through Eastnat, Easter is able to share not only her life, but her home based remedies that have proven to promote health and wellness amongst communities.